What if I told you that you didn't have to learn EMDR alone?

What if I told you that you didn't have to learn EMDR alone?

It can be so easy to think that after basic training the work is done. That all there is left to do is to start working with your clients. 


But there is so much to learn with EMDR that it is hard to remember everything from training and execute it perfectly. 


Have you ever gotten to Future Template and thought, I don’t quite remember how to do that! Or had a client struggle in the assessment phase and wanted to have a refresher on how to address those questions? Then this is for you!

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Introducing The EMDR Circle

The membership that gives you 24/7 access to support and learning with EMDR Therapy from a group of consultants.



You must complete an EMDRIA approved Basic Training prior to joining.

What is the EMDR Circle?

24/7 access to basic training refreshers, demo sessions, worksheets, scripts, and so much more

A network of other clinicians to learn from and get support

Access to consultation groups, practice sessions, individual consultations, and demo sessions


Exceeded expectations across the board. Rachel was helpful, kind and patient. Demonstrations and practice really helped solidify skills.

It was fantastic! I learned so much and am so excited to offer this treatment to my clients!

Warm, accepting teaching environment in which participants were not afraid to ask questions. Rachel speaks in a way that makes sense! I wish I could have (would have) learned this years ago!

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About the EMDR Circle?


The start of every new thing has a story and The EMDR Circle comes from years of listening. For years of training and consulting with clinicians in EMDR Therapy, I have also been listening to requests for more support after the Basic Training. 

Consultation is excellent and helpful for clinicians growing and developing their skills, but I have also had clinicians who have asked for demo videos, who have asked for more scripts, who have asked for a community where they can talk all things EMDR and get feedback.

The EMDR Circle is a result of all these requests. The idea came to me after seeing how material is presented and supported in other spaces. I wanted to find a way where clinicians could have access to support and information when it is needed. 

To have a way to review protocols or phases without taking an entire refresher course or to be able to set up a time to practice with other trained clinicians, or to view a live demo in addition to the recorded ones. 

And of course, a way to access consultation groups and individual consultation that would allow for clinicians to choose their consultant and their time and to learn from a group of consultants instead of just an individual consultant. 

So, here we are! We have worked hard to put together excellent learning opportunities and resources for you in a format that allows you to maximize your learning. And there will be more to come!!! We will be adding content, Q&A calls and other goodies each month.

We welcome you to our community and want to support you in your learning as you grow your EMDR skills. Join our exclusive Facebook group for the chance to attend live Q&A groups as well as post your thoughts, questions and inspirations.

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The EMDR Circle combines consultation, training, resources, practice groups, demo groups and community all in one spot that you can access 24/7. All to give you a robust learning experience of EMDR post Basic Training and build you into a confident EMDR Therapist! 

The EMDR Circle is for clinicians like you who need a place to go for information when you need it.

If you need a community of other learners to bounce ideas off of. If you need the flexibility to schedule consultation calls when you have time. If you just love, love, love watching a good demo in your free time! 

In the EMDR Circle you will have the support you need as you continue to learn EMDR. We are all still learning and growing and this gives us a way to share that knowledge together and have a sense of community in the process.

With 24/7 access to support and training, you can get help with your sessions in between clients, after hours, or whenever is convenient for you.

What kind of EMDR Therapist are you?


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Membership Levels  

Basic Consultation


  • Training Videos
  • Scripts for Protocols
  • Tips and Tricks from Consultants
  • Worksheets
  • Basic Training Slides
  • Recommendations for books and other resources
  • Access to the private EMDR Circle Facebook Group
  • 10% discount on individual consultations (regularly $150)
  • Can purchase group sessions for additional fee





Consultation Plus


  • Training Videos
  • Scripts for Protocols
  • Tips and Tricks from Consultants
  • Worksheets
  • Basic Training Slides
  • Recommendations for books and other resources
  • Access to the private EMDR Circle Facebook Group
  • 10% discount on individual consultations (regularly $150)
  • (1) free consultation group per month





Certification Level



Join the Certification Level of The EMDR Circle, which gives everything in the above tiers, PLUS:

  • (1) individual consultation per month ($1,800 value)
  • (1) group consultation per month ($600 value)
  • (1) practice group per month ($600 value)
  • (1) demo group per month ($600 value)
  • (2) Advanced Training registrations ($600 value)

For only $247/month*, you get EVERYTHING you need to complete your EMDR certification journey.

*Requires a 1-year commitment.


Want to purchase an individual consultation separately?

You can register for an individual consultation at full price ($150) at the link below:


How does it work?


The EMDR Circle will give you access to more support throughout your EMDR Consultation journey. It is designed to have resources available 24/7 in addition to having access to consultation groups, individual consultation, demo groups and practice groups. Here’s how it works:


Sign up for a membership level: Basic Consultation, Consultation Plus or Certification Level.


You will get immediate access to the training videos, demo videos, worksheets, scripts, slides, resources, etc., and they can be accessed anytime you need them. 


Each level has access to sign up for consultation groups, individual consultation, demo groups and practice groups. Depending on the membership level you choose, some groups are free and others may require an additional fee. You will be able to sign up for groups as soon as you’re in the membership.


You can then join the EMDR Circle Facebook Group where you can network with other clinicians and get additional support from consultants.


Then all there is left to do is dive in!

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Meet your host


Rachel has been a therapist for 23 years and is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Trainer. She has built a group practice specializing in EMDR Therapy with 3 locations and growing. 

Rachel is passionate about EMDR Therapy and the changes it has brought to her clients as well as the changes she has seen in clinicians who learn to use it effectively. To this end, she enjoys consulting and training and has grown a team of consultants around her EMDR model. 

Rachel also enjoys coaching group practice owners to inspire them that EMDR can be a great business model for private practices.

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