Are you ready to become an Approved Consultant in EMDR?

Becoming a Consultant in Training is the next step to becoming an EMDR Consultant - and now you don't have to do it alone.

Join the CIT Track
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Deciding to move into the "teaching" of EMDR is a big decision. And while you've previously been in the position of "doing", it might feel overwhelming making this transition.


Where do you even start?


You may be wondering if consultation is the right path for you on your EMDR journey. Or you might be confident you're ready. Either way, we have just the thing for you.

Introducing The CIT Track

The membership that puts you on track to becoming an EMDR Consultant. 


You must be EMDR Certified through EMDRIA to join The CIT Track. If you are not certified, please join The EMDR Circle.

What is included in the CIT Track?

10 Training Modules to help you understand the process of becoming a CIT

Access to the Basic Level of The EMDR Circle to support the consultant's ongoing learning process

Access to individual & group consultation of consultations, advanced trainings, and sponsorship by an EMDRIA Consultant (CIT Level only)

Membership Levels  

The CIT Track gives you the tools to succeed in your journey to become an Approved Consultant.

Introduction Level


  • Access to the Basic Level of The EMDR Circle to support the consultant's ongoing learning process
  • Access to 10 Modules to help you understand the process of becoming a CIT, including:
    • Creating a Consultation Agreement
    • Creating a Consultation Plan with consultees
    • How to identify your strengths a clinician and consultant to determine successful consultation outcomes
    • How to determine your consultation style
    • Conceptualizing consultee learning

Note: This level does not include sponsorship by an EMDRIA Consultant, or group/individual consultation of consultation. Without sponsorship by an EMDRIA Approved Consultant you are not eligible to be a Consultant In Training (CIT) and provide EMDR consultation that count toward the EMDR certification process.


Consultant in Training Level


 Join the Consultant in Training Level of The CIT Track, which gives everything in the introduction level, PLUS:

  • (10) individual consultation of consultations ($1,800 value)
  • (10) group consultation of consultations ($600 value)
  • (2) Advanced Training registrations each year of enrollment ($600 value)

For only $247/month, you get all you need to become an Approved Consultant (excludes client reprocessing hours)

Note: This level requires completion of an application. Please allow up to 7 days for this application to be reviewed. There is a requirement of a 1 year commitment with this level. You will need to complete consultation of consultation hours with the EMDRIA Consultant serving as your sponsor.


How does it work: Introduction Level


The Introduction Level of the CIT Track will give you access to materials to support you throughout your EMDR Consultation journey. This level will help introduce you to consultation so you can determine if this is a good path for you on your EMDR journey. You can take as long as you want to review the material or move through it quickly. There is no time commitment to this package.

Here’s how it works:


Sign up for the Introduction Level.


You will get immediate access to the 10 modules specifically created to help you understand the process of becoming a CIT.

You'll also receive immediate access to the Basic Level of The EMDR Circle, which includes training videos, demo videos, worksheets, scripts, slides, resources, etc. These are available to you to support the consultant's ongoing learning process.


Then all there is left to do is dive in!

How does it work: Consultant in Training Level


The Consultant in Training Level of the CIT Track dives even further into getting you ready to become an EMDR Approved Consultant. With sponsorship by an EMDRIA Consultant, you can start acting as a CIT right away. Feel free to move at your own pace throughout this track; the minimum requirement is a year, but you can take the process slower if that is more comfortable for you.

Here's how it works:



Apply for the Consultant in Training Level.


Your application will be submitted to the Training Director of TSTI who will review it. Please be available for any questions they have regarding your application.


If you are approved you will receive a link to submit payment, as well as information on who your sponsor is.

Once you submit payment, you will get immediate access to the 10 modules of the CIT Track, as well as the Basic Level of The EMDR Circle.


You will receive coupon codes to sign up for consultation of consultation groups, individual consultation of consultations, and advanced trainings. You will receive codes that you can use throughout your membership.


Then all there is left to do is dive in!

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Meet Our Team


Our team of trainers and consultants consists of a group of trauma specialists with decades of combined experience. Our consultants and trainers have worked in a variety of settings and with a wide range of ages and presenting problems to ensure that you can find a consultant that has the experience you’re needing. All of our consultants understand the importance of providing a safe, trauma-informed learning space for consultation and work hard to teach in a way that makes sense to different brains.

Our team recorded videos for you to get to know them better; check them out below!

Jamie Sedgwick


Sarah Martin


Sarah Smith-Trawick


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