How to Manage Your Anxiety

anxiety Jul 17, 2023

By April Lehman, LPC

EMDRIA Consultant in Training

What is anxiety? These days it seems like the norm to hear people say they have “anxiety.”  Especially over the past few years in the wake of Covid, political turmoil, and racial injustice, I think all therapists can agree we have seen an uptick in clients seeking therapy due to anxiety.  And not just adults, kids are feeling the effects as well. But what is anxiety? Anxiety can be described as worry and fear regarding everyday situations. However, when these symptoms are persistent and begin to interrupt your daily functioning they can meet criteria for an anxiety disorder. 

So, how do we manage anxiety and prevent it from interfering in our lives? There are some things we must understand first. It is normal to have some anxiety. Having some anxiety helps us stay out of harm's way and helps us prepare for important tasks. It’s completely normal to feel nervous about a first date or have anxiety...

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